2018 (to 2019) Yurt Storage

Reservations are now open for storing your hexayurt from the end of 2018 Burning Man to the start of the 2019 event. Storage for 2018-2019 is now sold out.. But, there is a waiting list. Add your name to the waiting list here.

Reserving space

Space is limited; please complete this Google Form (now sold out) to request a spot. Payment is not required at this point. We’ll confirm that we have available space once we receive your request.


The price for 12 months of storage varies by the amount of space a yurt takes up in the trailer. (Please refer to this image if you do not know your yurt type.)

Yurt type Foam thickness Price / yurt
6′ 1″ $130.00
6′ stretch 1″ $170.00
H12 (the most common) 1″ $198.00
H12 1-1/2″ $265.00
H15 1″ $230.00
H15 1.5″ $320.00
Other Contact

Storage drop-off

Bring your yurt to, and place it in the trailer BY MONDAY (post burn) AT 3pm. The trailer will then be locked and leave the Playa to await your arrival next year.

The trailer will be placed in the Hive Village. Though it has not received placement notice yet, the Hive is generally somewhere around 7:30 between Esplanade and A. We will notify renters of final placement location the week before the event.

There are two bike trailers available for you to use to pull your yurt to your camp (so you do not have to drive on-Playa). Usage instructions will come with your reservation confirmation.

A printed diagram will be taped to the inside of the truck showing where you are to place your yurt. We do final strap-down.

Stored-yurt pickup

If you stored a yurt at the end of the 2017 event, the trailer arrives Thursday pre-gate. (Time is uncertain, dependent on the activities of the trucker that day.)

Again, the two bike trailers will be available to use to pull your yurt to your camp.


Once your reservation is confirmed by us, we will send you an email with a request for payment. Your space is not guaranteed until your payment is received.

Reservations will be closed, and payments no longer accepted, on Monday, 19 August, 2018.

Refund policy

Once you’ve paid for your space, there are no refunds. If you know prior to the burn that your plans have changed, we will make an attempt to find another customer to take your space. If we can find someone, we will offer you a refund.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us via this form.